US Lumber Imports/Exports : Nov 2014

US Lumber Imports/Exports : Nov 2014

Values of US imports of sawmill products from Canada January to November 2014 improved 8.9 per cent, to US$4,939 million (CIF value), compared to the value at the same time last year, US$4498 million, according to the latest US Foreign Census data.

US Sawmill Products Imports : Nov 2014

US Softwood Lumber Imports and Exports : November 2014

Values of US exports of sawmill products to China January to November 2014 well surpassed full-year 2013 levels. At US$1,199 million (F.A.S. value), exports improved 20.1 per cent compared to values for the same time period last year, US$958.7 million.

US Sawmill Products Exports : Nov 2014Exports to China were US$1,034 million for full-year 2013.
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