Lumber Production, Sawmill Capacity: June 2015

Lumber Production, Sawmill Capacity: June 2015

US lumber production increased 2.7 per cent through June compared to the same 6 month period last year, according to the Western Wood Products Association’s latest Lumber Track, released Tuesday. Total US production through June was 16.02 BBF, up from 15.59 BBF last year. Production in the West increased 0.9 per cent in the first 6 months to 7.12 BBF, while in the South, production increased 4.5 per cent to 8.19 BBF.

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Canadian lumber production, meanwhile, improved 5.9 per cent for the same time period, said the WWPA. Total production through June was 13.20 BBF, up from 12.46 BBF for the first six months of last year. Production in British Columbia rose by 2.3 per cent for January to June to 6.59 BBF, while East of the Rockies, Canadian production increased 9.8 per cent to 6.61 BBF.

Sawmill Capacity, Canada and US

 capacity utilization in the US mean- while increased 2 per cent through June 2015, to 84 per cent, according to the WWPA Tuesday.
Canadian sawmill capacity utilization also grew by 2 per cent for the same time period, to 86 per cent.

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