Japan Housing Starts: July 2017

Japan Housing Starts: July 2017

According to a report released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on August 31st, Japan’s housing starts in July were 83,234 units, a drop of 2.3 per cent from the same month in the previous year, said Japan Lumber Journal September 15.

When compared to the previous months, that figure decreased by 4.8 per cent and the seasonally-adjusted annual rate was 974,000 units, down 3 per cent from the previous month, falling below the 1,000,000 units for the first time in two months.

Japan Housing Starts

Looking at the results of Japan housing starts for July by owner/occupant, housing starts of owner occupied houses were 25,370 units, down 5.7 per cent from the same month in 2016.

Housing starts of rental houses were down 3.7 per cent, to 36,365 units. That figure decreased two consecutive months year-over-year, but when compared to the previous month it increased by 1.1 per cent.

By structure, housing starts of wooden houses were down 2.1 per cent, to 47,685 units. Although the number of units decreased, the ratio of wooden houses by the number of units increased to 57.3 per cent, said the Japan Lumber Journal.

SOURCE: Japan Lumber Journal
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