Madison’s Brand-New BC Coastal Log Prices: 2008 – March 2018

Your weekly North American softwood lumber and panel price guide, Madison’s Lumber Reporter, is delighted to announce a brand-new data set to help keep the Canadian and US forest products industry informed and up-to-date on the latest data and market information.

British Columbia Coastal Log Prices, Monthly: 2013 to March 2018

The information tool for your forest management and investment planning decisions.

Our *new* monthly log price report is tailored to provide you with vital data about prices of various species and grades of British Columbia coastal logs, Canadian and international sales, at your fingertips in a timely manner.

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SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter


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BC Coast log prices for:

SPECIES: Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Hemlock/Balsam
GRADES: Standard, Chip & Saw, Gang, and Pulp
SALES: Canadian and international markets

Madison’s BC Log Price Report provides valuable insight combined with the latest prices of west coast Canadian log sales, with striking graphs and charts to illustrate our point.

SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter


British Columbia coastal log prices of various species and grades, for both Canadian and international markets, from January 2008 – March 2018 and monthly updates going forward.

Be the first to GET THE LATEST DATA of sales prices on BC coast Cedar, Douglas fir, and HemBal logs in standard, chip & saw, gang, and pulp grades.

Current BC coast log sales prices and succinct market commentary:

• foreshadows spot shortages, overages, and balance of supply with demand
• the latest on British Columbia log sales, Canadian and international
• presented in a compact three-page format every month

  • BC coastal log prices, sales price from supplier, aggregated and reviewed by 3rd party
  • prices reflect FOB Vancouver Island, net distributed to dealer (Canada west coast).
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

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SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter