BC Invests

The Government of British Columbia’s has contributed $2.25 million to cellulose filaments (CF) research. The investment will be used as part of an existing R&D program focused on non-traditional applications of cellulose filament (CF) that are of interest to, and most beneficial to BC.
FPInnovations’ cellulose filament research and innovation project is the subject of investments to date totalling $43.1 million, including funding from  federal government, BC, Quebec, and industry.
Cellulose filamentis a flexible, wood-fibre-based additive that can be readily mixed with other materials to improve the quality of a range of products. It is fully recyclable, environmentally friendly and compatible with water-based products like wood pulps.
CF has immediate applications to the province’s pulp and paper industry where it could be used in stronger and less-expensive products like newsprint, packaging, tissues, and paper towels.