British Columbia Logs Seized

YaoRun Wood, a Chinese log export company that has been dealing millions of dollars of wood out of Terrace, BC, has had its log piles seized for a third time in under a year due to  suspicion it is altering log marks, according to Terrace Standard Tuesday.
Previous seizures took place because YaoRun had fallen behind on its stumpage payments to the provincial government.
This time “the seizure was conducted on June 20 due to the alleged removal and alteration of marks on logs for export,” said a statement from the provincial forests, lands and natural resources ministry.
“There are no fines associated with this seizure. However, YaoRun could lose its export permit if the log marks are proven to have been removed/altered,” the ministry statement continued.
Currently the YaoRun yard, which it’s been leasing from the city since January 2013 for $10,000 a month, has fewer logs stored there compared to the last year and according to a statement from YaoRun it is currently “looking for a new log yard”.
Compliance and enforcement officers placed notices of seizure on approximately 7,500 cubic-metres of wood at the YaoRun yard.