Canada Softwood Lumber CVD and AD Possible Retroactive Dates

Clarification this week on the latest US Commerce Dept announcement from intrepid US customs broker Mike Jones:

CVD Preliminary Determination Postponed – CVD Retroactive Date Jan. 24, 2017 – ADD Feb 3, 2017

“[…] the Commerce’s attached January 27th (just last Friday) announcement postponing their Countervailing Duty Preliminary Determination until April 24th, we can now correct and confirm that US Customs’ retroactive CVD collection actions, in the event of a finding of surging and the invoking of Critical Circumstances, can only be assessed against scope confirmed captured materials imported into the US on or after January 24, 2017.

Because the AntiDumping Duty Preliminary Determination date is presently scheduled for May 4th, retroactive collection actions, under the same conditions as described above, would only impact the captured materials imported into the US on or after February 3, 2017.”

Madison’s is waiting to hear back from Global Affairs Canada and the BC Ministry of Forests regarding the implications of these dates.