ITC Softwood Lumber ADD/CVD Fact Sheet


Dear Canadian Softwood Lumber Clients and Interested Parties;

Please see the attached U.S. International Trade Administration Canadian Softwood Lumber ADD/CVD “Fact Sheet” outlining the U.S. DOC’s December 16th formal announcement of the initiation of ADD/CVD investigation of imports of certain softwood lumber products from Canada.

It is important to note that this ITC “Fact Sheet” continues to include lumber products never before captured in previous ADD/CVD investigations or which were included within the scope of the 2006 SLA.



We feel it imperative that the wood pallet and packaging, door and window frame and fencing material industries petition for the exclusion of such articles, assembled or unassembled.  Never has any Canadian softwood, assembled at time of importation to result in increased widths or thicknesses, regardless of the manner (gluing, or with fasteners of any kind), been included in the DOC’s ADD/CVD investigations, nor have unassembled softwoods imported having the essential character of the final article, i.e., unassembled pallets, boxes, bed-frames, doors and window frames.

While one could argue that unassembled bed-frames, door and window frames are not a “final article”, unassembled pallets and boxes are, as are dog-eared or cathedral pointed fence pickets and pointed stakes.  Preaching to the choir, of course, but when unassembled pallets and boxes are sold to a U.S. assembler, the assembler is deemed the end-user of this final article.  Dog-eared and cathedral end-cut fence boards and/or pointed stakes – are also final articles, sold either direct to the end-users or wholesalers, not requiring further fabrication of the imported material.  This “final article” interpretation has been a major factor in whether or not an article should be included within the scope.

We can’t help but recall that the original intent was to capture only material produced from “Primary Mills”, not downstream industries.  In the original ADD/CVD investigations, material that had been “processed past the planning stage”, historically performed after the material left the “Primary Mill” – was exempt.  Of course, the Coalition then petitioned for drilled and/or notched “studs”, which was quickly expanded to include all drilled and/or notched “lumber”, as well as angle end-cut material, none of which required further fabrication after import.   If the “Coalition” is allowed to continue to increase the scope, pretty soon all lumber “products” from Canada, will be captured.


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