Madison’s Weekly Key Softwood Lumber Price Graphs: September 17, 2018

Madison’s Weekly Key Softwood Lumber Price Graphs: September 17, 2018


BENCHMARK 2×4 Kiln Dried R/L Construction Framing North American Softwood Lumber and Panel Prices Graphs: September 17, 2018

Western Spruce-Pine-Fir: Canada Diffident

  • Canadian WSPF producers only sold small volumes this week, and those only intermittently as buyers from both Canada and the US were cagey again.
  • One of the only bright spots sawmills could point to was 2×6 R/L #3/Utility, which owed its comparative success to significantly lower asking prices.
  • Immense wildfires in Northern British Columbia continued to burn, and while most have been contained by the heroic efforts of firefighting crews, harvesting was still prohibited in large swathes of the region.
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

Standard Construction Framing North American Dimension Softwood Lumber and Panel Prices: Wholesale Price September 17, 2018 (net FOB mill North America)

North America Construction Framing Benchmark Softwood Lumber Prices Graph: September 17, 2018 (net FOB mill)

Kiln-Dried Fir Soft

  • Buyers of Kiln-Dried Douglas-fir lumber stuck to their low-volume, just-in-time strategies, culminating in “another boring week” according to wholesalers and distributors. Most sawmills maintained order files into the week of September 24th after trying unsuccessfully to push out further by lowering their asking prices.
  • Traders noted “more consistent” sales and inquiry for dry studs issuing from upper Midwestern markets.
  • Transportation has largely improved as sales volumes have lagged in recent weeks, but players described rail service as “region-dependent”.
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter
Madison’s Weekly Movers & Shakers Softwood Lumber and Panel Prices Chart: Wholesale Softwood Lumber Prices September 17, 2018
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter