Madison’s Weekly Softwood Lumber Price Graphs: April 24, 2020

Madison’s Weekly Softwood Lumber Price Graphs: April 24, 2020

Western Spruce-Pine-FIr KD 2x4 #2&Btr prices Apr 2020

BENCHMARK 2×4 Kiln Dried R/L #Construction #Framing #North #American #Softwood #Lumber and Panel Prices Graphs: April 24, 2020 issue of Madison’s Lumber Reporter.

Western SPF: USA Firm

  • Prices of Western Spruce-Pine-Fir lumber and studs stabilized further last week as production volumes of solid wood commodities have been reduced to a fraction of typical capacity for this time of year.
  • In addition to reduced construction and sawmill activity, the coronavirus has also caused the cancellation or postponement of more than 50 forestry and wood products events worldwide.
  • Producers in the Western United States reported good inquiry and takeaway, with order files on bread and butter items pushing into May.
  • Secondary suppliers continued to sell below replacement cost in many cases, but that gap was narrowing with alacrity.
  • Players expounded on the relative strength of demand for low grade offerings and for studs.

Softwood Lumber Prices Market-Leading Commodities: 2012 – April 24, 2020

Softwood Lumber Movers & Shakers: green and KD Construction Framing Dimension Lumber Prices Apr 2020

Western SPF: Canada Steady

  • Canadian Western Spruce-Pine-Fir producers described a persistent upward price trend developing in most of their wares, while buyers were beginning to get spooked by the palpable lack of wood available last week.
  • Swathes of sawmills remained shut down or heavily curtailed, and those that were operational were “running for Asia”.
  • Two-week or more order files at sawmills emerged as the market tightened up with so much production taken out.
  • Sawmills had trouble keeping stock of 2×4 #3/Utility R/L on their sales lists as demand for that item was apparently really hot into Texas.
  • Spring breakup of ice on the mighty Fraser River in British Columbia was in full swing, halting most timber harvesting and log hauling operations for the time being.

Standard Construction Framing North American Dimension Softwood Lumber and Panel Prices: Wholesale Price April 24, 2020 (net FOB mill North America)

Madison's Weekly Movers & Shakers Softwood Lumber and Panel Prices Chart APRIL '20