Lumber Production, Sawmill Capacity: Jan 2022

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North America softwood lumber production volumes and sawmill capacity utilization rates released by Western Wood Products Association show:

January 2022 softwood lumber production in the US fell by -4.2% compared to the same month last year, at 32,964 mmfbm.

Softwood lumber production in Canada for January it was down -9.5%, to 1,813 mmfbm, compared to January 2021.
British Columbia, which accounts for 50% of Canadian wood production, production dropped by -8.9% to 746 mmfbm.

US sawmill capacity utilization rates for January 2022 fell by -8% to 81%, from 89% in January last year.

Canada’s sawmill capacity utilization rate for January was an abysmal 73% compared to January 2021 when it was quite low at 85%.