Madison’s BC Coast Log Prices: November 2020

HemFir-2x4-and-HemBal-logs-5HemFir-2x4-and-HemBal-logs-5year-NOV 2020

A large proportion of lumber produced in Canada goes into US home building. Like lumber prices, housing construction in the US underwent a significant stall in spring 2020.
And, like lumber prices, it is recovering steadily from severe lows. It’s very interesting to watch the trend of log prices as a result of this latest lumber price volatility:

Madison's BC Coast Log Report NOV 2020

Since Madison’s Lumber Price data comes out weekly, but US housing starts data is released monthly, there is always a lag between actual building activity and the US Census Bureau data release:

GDF-2x4-and-logs-5year-NOV 2020

However, during this unprecedented time of upheaval on multiple fronts, lumber prices are proving to be an excellent forward indicator of US home building. Don’t miss out on the latest information providing advance insight into US home building activity!
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