Madison’s Lumber RETROspective: 1952-1973

This weekend Madison’s was contacted on FaceBook by one of founder Peter Madison’s children. His youngest daughter found an old copy of the printed Madison’s Canadian Lumber Directory and sent us this photo:

Madison's Lumber Directory 1975 Edition
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

As we exchanged happy messages (Hi June! — ed) it occurred to Madison’s that we haven’t been promoting the fun Madison’s Lumber RETROspective: 1952-1973, which we did in 2010 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this great Canadian newsletter:

A 60 year walk down forestry’s memory lane.

Madison's Lumber Reporter: 60-Year Retrospective
SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

First published in September of 1952, Madison’s Lumber Reporter in 2010 entered its 60th volume.
In celebration, we picked out the most interesting quotes from back issues of the weekly North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber wholesaler prices (US$ mfbm, net FOB sawmill):