North America Softwood Lumber Production, WWPA: Full Year 2017

Elsewhere, softwood lumber production in Canada stayed flat in 2017 compared to the previous year, said the Western Wood Products Association’s monthly Lumber Track Thursday, at 28,334 million board feet versus 28,335 million the previous year.

However, in British Columbia lumber production fell by -4.5 per cent, to 12,950 million board feet from 13, 559 million in full year 2016, while that of Quebec grew +4.1 per cent, to 15,384 million board feet last year compared to 14,775 million in 2016.

SOURCE: Western Wood Products Association

In the US, conversely, softwood lumber production improved by +4.2 per cent, to 33,888 million board feet for full year 2017 compared to 32,535 million the year before, said the WWPA.

Canada and US Sawmill Capacity Utilization Rates: 2017

In yet more dismal news, the Western Wood Products Association’s monthly Lumber Track, released Thursday put Canadian lumber production as a percent of practical capacity for full year 2017 fell by a full 3% compared to full year 2016, to 88% from 91%.In December 2017, Canadian sawmill were operating at 83% of capacity, compared to 93% in November 2017 and 83% in December 2016.

In the US meanwhile, sawmill capacity utilization rates improved by 1%, to 87%, in full year 2017.

SOURCE: Western Wood Products Association

In December 2017, sawmills in the US operated at 88% of capacity, compared to 85% in November 2017 and 82% in December 2016, said the WWPA.