Madison’s Next Generation: Products

Madison’s Next Generation: Products

Madison’s is your premiere source for softwood lumber news, prices, industry insight and industry contacts. We have a variety of products to meet your information needs including:

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Madison’s Interactive Lumber Price Graphing Tool

    • All prices are available on a single screen
    • Commentary is matched to product
    • The Price Sheet can be filtered, searched and sorted
    • Filters can be saved for quick and easy drill-downs to the exact products you need to make decisions
    • Twelve weeks of commentary are archived by topic
    • Tables and graphs are printable
  • Data is downloadable to .xls or .csv

Madison’s BC Coast Log Prices

British Columbia Coast log prices for:

  • SPECIES: Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Hemlock/Balsam
  • GRADES: Standard, Chip & Saw, Gang, and Pulp
  • SALES: Canadian and international markets
  • BC coastal log prices, sales price from supplier, aggregated and reviewed by 3rd party
  • prices reflect FOB Vancouver Island, net distributed to dealer (Canada west coast).

Madison’s Quarterly Forest Pulse

The information tool for your forest management and investment:

    Our quarterly product is tailored to provide you with vital information about the North American solid wood, pulp, and paper industry at your fingertips in a timely manner.

Don’t miss even one issue of this vital information!

  • what you need to plan your investment strategy in the dimension lumber and timber industries
  • foreshadows spot shortages, overages, and balance of supply with demand
  • the latest on North American solid wood and paper companies
  • presented in a seven-page format every quarter

Madison’s North American Heating Wood Pellet Prices

  • The latest data, to May 2018, on Canadian and US residential heating wood pellet exports is now out. Also, to April 2018 numbers for US and Canadian pellet production, sales, and prices as well as competing home heating fuel prices are now out.
  • Don’t miss out on this vital and timely information regarding demand for sawmill residuals — kiln-dried wood chips and sawdust — and projections of demand for wood pellet production feedstock this year.

Madison’s Lumber Directory

No Other Directory Contains So Much Valuable Information!
Let Madison’s help you find all the lumber you need! Madison’s 2017 Online Lumber Directory is far more than just a list of names and addresses. It is the most expertly researched and thoroughly cross-referenced directory available on the Canadian forest industry. Madison’sshows you who produces what, then puts you in touch with sales managers and key contacts in the Canadian forest products industry. It will prove its value to you every single day, because we designed it to make your job easier.

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