Railcars, Lumber Production, and Sawmill Capacity: Oct 2021 (video)

North America softwood lumber production volumes and sawmill capacity utilization rates released by Western Wood Products Association (www.wwpa.org) show:

For January to July 2021 softwood lumber production in the US was up by another +3% from the first seven months of 2020. US lumber production volumes were 22,060 mmfbm.
Looking at the month of July against June 2021, US softwood lumber production rose to 3,020 mmfbm in July 2021 which is a decrease of -6%.

Softwood lumber production in Canada continued improvements through this year, for January to July 2021 it was up +10%, to 14,322 mmfbm, compared to the first seven months of last year.

North America Softwood Lumber Production, Sawmill Capacity Utilization, WWPA: July 2021

US sawmill capacity utilization rates stayed relatively stable at 86%.
Canada sawmill capacity utilization in the first seven months of this year improved more but was still low compared to historical, at 82%.

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