Sawmill Fires

Fire Rescue responded to a fire at the Tolko sawmill in Merritt, BC, around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

As well, the cause of the Thursday night fire in a sawmill building at Weaber Inc in Lebanon County, PA, was under investigation Friday.

Fires, Sawmills

Fire Chief Dave Tompkinson said to CFJC radio a hydraulic oil tank was on fire at the Tolko sawmill in Merritt, BC, February 27.

“Prior to firefighters arriving, the sprinkler system had activated. The sawmill employees had actioned the fire with extinguishers and a hose line,” said Tompkinson.

The fire was inside the the plant, and spread to some machinery above. Tomkinson says, as the fire department was leaving, the sawmill was already getting back up and running.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

The South Annville Township fire at the Weaber sawmill in Lebanon County, PA, which drew six fire com– panies, was discovered by security between Thursday night in the “McDonough” building, named for a band saw machine, which was not operating at the time, said PennLive Friday. There were some flames, but there was mostly smoke.

There were about 15 employees in the building and all were evacuated without injuries, but one person received oxygen on the scene.

An estimated 10 fire companies responded to the fire. The company had no estimate of the loss.