Softwood Lumber Imports to US from Canada: Duty Rates Increase

Certain Softwood Lumber Products From Canada: Notice of Court Decision Not in Harmony With the Final Results of Countervailing Duty Expedited Review; Notice of Rescission of Final Results of Expedited Review; Notice of Amended Cash Deposit Rates

As we know, the US Administrative Review of softwood lumber duties on imports from Canada this past spring reversed the reductions to the duty rate which were made at last year’s Administrative Review (and took effect in November).
This November the US softwood lumber duty on Canadian imports will go back up to approximately 20%.

In advance of that, an announcement was just made on the Federal Register:

US Federal Register Softwood Lumber Duty Increase: Aug 30, 2021

For now the latest Canadian softwood lumber duty increases seem to be affecting sawmills in Québec. Check back often with Madison’s Lumber Reporter to know when the next round of increases will be announced.