Terrace Log Storage Yard Cleared Out

A Chinese-owned forest company has now moved all of its logs from a city-of-Terrace-owned property and has cleared the site in northern BC, according to the Terrace Standard Tuesday.
YaoRun Wood Company began leasing the approximately 20 acres from the city in early 2013 for $10,000 a month, storing logs there until they could be processed for export.
A forest service official said the company has now relocated its log yard to Hazelton, BC.
YaoRun ran afoul of local contractors in the middle of 2013 due to unpaid bills and, for a time, a contractor parked equipment at the spot, blocking access to the location.
The company also failed to pay stumpage to the provincial government several times, resulting in seizure notices being posted. That prevented YaoRun from moving the wood until it made payments to the province.
Beginning in late June this year, YaoRun began moving approximately 9,000 cubic metres of logs.
While the city did have a lease with YaoRun for the property, it also sought to sell a portion of the land and earlier this year struck a $1 million tentative deal with a Terrace automotive dealership group for five acres on the corner of Keith and Kenney.
The plan would establish zoning for a mixture of residential and business uses on the above property which originally served as a log yard for a sawmill now dismantled.