US Lumber Imports & Exports vs Softwood Lumber Prices: April 2019

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SOURCE: Madison’s Lumber Reporter

US lumber imports from the world crashed in April, down -22% from March, said US Census Bureau in the latest data release Tuesday. US lumber imports from Canada are down almost -25%. US lumber imports from China are down only -5% in April 2019 compared to March.

US Softwood Lumber Imports: April 2019
SOURCE: US Census Censtats

US exports of softwood lumber for April 2019 are down -22, said US Census in the latest data release Tuesday. US lumber exports to all countries dropped drastically, except to China where it fell just -5%.

SOURCE: US Census Censtats

Lumber prices fell through most of 2019 until the second week of June, when they reserves spectacularly to recover much of the price levels lost. For it’s part, lumber futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were also up, by a similar ratio.