British Columbia Coast Logging Work Stoppage: Jan 2020

This month was held the annual British Columbia Truck Loggers Association AGM in Vancouver, BC, where the Premier of BC, John Horgan, announced $5 million in funding to assist contractors at risk of losing equipment to the banks. The move is in response to this record-breaking seven month strike, and is intended to pay existing loans for timber harvesting equipment.

Some 3,000 loggers with the United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 went on strike July 1, 2019 against major forestry firm Western Forest Products in a dispute that has exhausted ordinary bargaining and drawn in special mediators Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Madison’s BC Coast Log Prices Report: JAN 2020

The Coastal Logging Equipment Support Trust will provide bridge loans to help contractors who must pay for equipment and employees, with no money coming in, said the Globe and Mail.

“Western Forest Products is doing everything we can to reach a mutually beneficial settlement with the USW,” said the statement. “We continue to take our lead from mediators, Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers, and we are awaiting word on next steps.”

Canadian Press

According to Canadian Press, Horgan said he has contacted both the company and the union and “firmly suggested” they negotiate a settlement. He said he expected some movement the week after the TLA AGM but did not elaborate.
The company said in a statement it is waiting for contact from the mediators in the dispute.

Madison’s BC Coast Log Prices Report: JAN 2020