Canada Industrial Products and Raw Material Prices

The Industrial Product Price Index (IPPI) in Canada increased 0.2 per cent in August, mainly because of higher prices for motorized and recreational vehicles, said Statistics Canada Tuesday. The Raw Materials Price Index (RMPI) declined 2.2 per cent, largely as a result of lower prices for crude energy products.

Canada Raw Materials Price Index Aug 2014
The IPPI increased 0.2 per cent in August, after declining 0.3 per cent in July. The increase in the IPPI was broad based, as 15 of the 21 major commodity groups were up.

Canada Producer Price Index

Canada’s IPPI rose 2.5 per cent during the 12-month period ending in August, after posting a 2.8 per cent gain in July, said Stats Can.
Compared with August 2013, the advance of the IPPI was mainly attributable to meat, fish, and dairy products.
The RMPI declined 2.2 per cent in August, following a 1.4 per cent decrease in July. The August decline in the index was the third in nine months and the largest since November 2013. Of the six major commodity groups, four were down and two were up.