Canada Lumber Production, Exports; US Consumption, Imports & Log Exports: May 2017

US Coniferous Sawn Wood Imports: May 2017

According to the latest figures from the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service, for January to May 2017 the USA imported US$2,235 billion of softwood lumber from the World, which amounts to a 17 per cent increase from the first five months of the previous year, when it was US$1,858 billion.

The vast majority of this wood came from Canada, with US imports of Canadian softwood lumber up 16 per cent to US$2,011 for the first five months of this year, from US1,690 in January to May 2016.

SOURCE: US Census Censtats


Canada Coniferous Sawn Wood Exports: May 2017

Looked at another way, the latest Statistics Canada data shows that Canada exported C$4,538 billion of softwood lumber to the World in January to May 2017, which amounts to a 13 per cent increase over the same time last year when it was C$3,954.Exports of Canadian softwood lumber to the USA for the first five months of this year were up 14 per cent, to C$3,420 from C$2,949 for January to May 2016.

SOURCE: Statistics Canada

Canada Softwood Lumber Production, Sawmill Manufacturing Sales: May 2017

Both were essentially flat compared to the previous year.
(blue bars are total Canada softwood lumber production, red line is BC, AB, QC combined sawmill manufacturing sales)
SOURCE: Statistics Canada, Industry Canada


Yet more proof of a very healthy US forest products manufacturing industry, US log exports continue to plummet as US domestic solid wood manufacturers are consuming logs at their own softwood lumber production facilities:

In January to May 2017, US log exports to the World dropped by 14 per cent, to US$432 million, from US$492 million in the first five months last year.

US log exports to China, by far the largest customer, increased by 3 per cent, from US$205 million to US$261 million for January to May 2017.

SOURCE: US Census Censtats


In Canada, of interest, log exports — which are tiny compared to Canada lumber exports or US log exports — to the World did increase in the first five months of 2017, to C$335 million from C$294 million the previous year.

Canadian log exports to China improved by 17 per cent to C$176 million from C$147 million in January to May 2016.

SOURCE: Statistics Canada