Canadian Sawmill Exports, Sawmill Manufacturing Sales Full-Year 2015

New forest industry data out today from Statistics Canada and Industry Canada:

Canada’s Total Exports for Sawmills (except Shingle and Shake Mills) To All Countries full year 2015, were up 3.5 per cent to $9,142 million, from $8,836 million the year earlier, said Statistics Canada today (Feb 24, 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.18.05 PM

Canadian Sawmill exports to US were up 7.5 per cent in 2015, to $6,240 million from $5,805 million one year ago. Exports to China were down 14.9 per cent, to $1,266 last year, compared to $1,487 in 2014.


Also today, Statistics Canada released it’s Survey of Manufacturing for full-year 2015:

Provincial Manufacturing Sales at Sawmills in British Columbia, Alberta, and Québec for 2015 were essentially flat over the previous year, said Statistics Canada today (Feb 24, 2016).