IMM Information Notice 17-IMM-001, Recommendation for Processing Entries Subject to the Canadian Softwood Lumber Countervailing Duty (CVD) Case C122-858

More excellent word from Madison’s very worthwhile source on the development of new softwood lumber duties for Canadian exporters shipping into the US:

US Customs Brokers are instructed to revise all entries of Canadian softwood lumber captured by the present Canadian Softwood Lumber CVD Case facilitated on or after January 28, 2017 to type 03 CVD entries, and to collect and remit the CVD duties for these shipments at the specific CVD Case Rates by July 7, 2017.

“We wanted to make a clarification with respect to yesterday’s announcement of U.S. Customs’ mandate to require retroactive entries and payment of the respective duties back to January 28th.  If our position is sustained that the CVD Case Numbers and Rates to be used are those of the Primary Mill, such entries for exporters sourcing from Canfor, Resolute, West Fraser, and Tolko – will not require revising and remittance of retroactive duties.   These four companies were found by the U.S. DOC not to have been involved in the surge that resulted in the Critical Circumstances finding.”

– Mike Jones, President, Jones & Jones Customs Brokers


IMM Center Softwood Lumber Information Notice #2017-001

“We’d ask that our clients, their industry groups, and attorneys for these parties, immediately officially make this case to the DOC.  U.S. Customs Brokers are not deemed by the U.S. DOC’s regulations to be “Interested Parties” in this CVD Case, disqualifying us from filing petitions to clarify exclusions, rates, or for relief.”

– Jones & Jones Customs Brokers and Trade Consultants

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