Madison’s Lumber Reporter: Continued 100% Sole Ownership in Canada

This is just a reminder, as we have been hearing rumours and people are asking questions, that Madison’s is still 100% independently-owned and operated. And is still 100% Canadian.

Since 1952, Madison’s Lumber Reporter has been owned — in sequence — by three different people, each as Sole Proprietor:

Peter Madison, Owner 1952 – 1973
Laurence Cater, Owner 1973 – 2008
Keta Kosman, Owner 2008 – present

It is important for industry to be properly informed.

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If anyone has any questions or concerns about this or anything else, please do not hesitate to call me.


Keta Kosman
Madison’s Lumber Reporter, est. 1952
Vancouver, BC, Canada
604 319-2266