Ontario Fibreboard Mill Reopens

After six years of its doors being closed, the Pembroke, ON, MDF fibreboard plant is up and running once again. Pembroke MDF is expected to create as many as 160 full-time jobs, as well as spin-off employment in the local forestry, transportation, and electrical fields.
Currently, the plant is operating four days a week, from Sunday evening to Thursday night, running two shifts 24 hours a day.
The plan is to add a third shift in December. The plant is spacing out additions in staff to allot a fair amount of time for training. The second shift was just added in October.

Ontario Mill Restart

The plant was formerly known as ATC Panels, and was open from 1997 to 2006 when the doors were closed due to increasing costs, and a drop in demand for fibreboard.
The plant owned by Chilean interests, has been closed since 2008. The improved economic climate and the federal repayable contribution of up to $3 million played key roles in the decision to start up the plant.
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