Panel Prices: Plywood and OSB, Feb 2022

The latest North America Oriented Strand Board and Plywood prices, and market commentary explaining supply and demand conditions behind these price updates.


Historical Comparison
In the week ending February 11, 2022, the price of Canadian Softwood Plywood – 3/8 – FOB Toronto was C$1,350 msf. This is up by +$75, or +6%, from the previous week when it was $1,275.
That week’s price is up by +$219, or +19% from one month ago when it was $1,131.

When compared to the same week in 2021, when it was $903, that week’s price is up by +$447, or +50%. Compared to two years’ ago when it was $401, this price is up by +$949, or +237%.