Southern pine lumber exports up 20% in August 2014

Southern pine exports were approximately 44 million board feet (MMbf) during August 2014, the Southern Forest Products Association said Friday. This volume represents a hefty increase of 20 per cent above the same month last year, and a solid year-to-date boost of 22 per cent when compared with the first eight months of 2013. Offshore shipments during July roughly break down as follows: 20.9 MMbf dressed, 9.1 MMbf rough, and 14 MMbf treated lumber.

Southern Pine Exports, USA

Softwood lumber imports to the US during August were just over one billion board feet (Bbf), up 16 per cent from the volume imported during August of 2013, said the Southern Forest Products Association. Year-to-date softwood imports are up 9 per cent when compared with last year.
As usual, Canada shipped the great majority into the US during August.