US Housing Market and Lumber Prices: JULY 2022 [video]

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The latest US housing starts and US new home sales data, for June 2022, continued the downward trend seen in May, when mortgage and interest rate increases hit the housing market.
It is true that a slow-down is apparent in both construction and home buying activity, it is important to note that while month-over-month starts and permits may have dropped, new building and permits activity for the first six months of this year were up compared to January to June of 2021.

In the week ending July 29, 2022, the price of WSPF 2×4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$684 mfbm, said forest products industry price guide newsletter Madison’s Lumber Reporter.
This is up by $0, or 0%, from the previous week when it was US$684 mfbm. That week’s price is up by +$59 or +9% from one month ago when it was US$625 mfbm.

Compared to the same week last year, when it was US$545 mfbm, that week’s price is up by +$139, or +26%. Compared to two years’ ago when it was US$620 mfbm, that week’s price is up by +$64 or +10%.

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