US Paper Duty and Tariff Against Canada

Canadian paper mills that produce glossy paper products will continue to pay cost-ly duties levelled against them last summer by the US Department of Commerce, reported CTV News Wednesday.
In a decision released Wednesday, the department said it has determined that US imports of supercalendered paper from Canada have received countervailable subsidies ranging from 17.87 to 20.18 per cent.
The decision upholds, and in some cases increases the tariffs first put in place after a preliminary ruling in July.
Operators affected include Port Hawksbury Paper, Resolute Forest Products, and J.D. Irving — all in eastern Canada — and Catalyst Paper of British Columbia.

Paper Product Duties, USA

The trade action is the result of a petition filed by two American producers of supercalendered paper that say the Canadian paper goods are unfairly subsidized.