BC State-of-Emergency: Nov 2021 Impact on Lumber Market

On the weekend of Nov 12 southern British Columbia, including Vancouver, was hit of epic torrential rains that can only bring to mind imaginative disaster movies.
There was 200% more rain in Sept & Oct than usual.
In those 2 days as much rain fell (200 mm) as does in a normal wet month.

This combination of the second atmospheric river in one month and an already soaked ground created a disaster situation. The water literally had nowhere to go, and low-lying areas flooded within 15 minutes. As well, all 4 highways were washed out, blocked by multiple mudslides, or downright destroyed. At time of posting 2 of those highways have been cleared but they are small and one just connects a few towns (it doesn’t lead east across Canada).

Both rail lines were also impacted, one of the rail companies says it can get trains running a week from now.

Vancouver is cut off from the rest of mainland Canada.

The Port of Vancouver, which is the 3rd largest by volume port in North America, is closed because the rail lines are closed. More rain in coming in a few days, another atmospheric river is expected. There may or may not be a big impact on the movement of lumber products into the US and across Canada, watch this video to find out more.

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