Europe Hardwood Production, 2014

Production of hardwood lumber in the 33 countries which make up the UNECE sub-region Europe will probably have increased in 2014 to 12.75 million cubic metres, said EUWID Thursday.
This emerged from an evaluation of production estimates on the occasion of the 72nd meeting of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry which was held from 18 to 21 November 2014 in Kazan, Russia. That order of volume for European hardwood production had already been forecast a year ago.

Europe Hardwood Production 2015

For 2015, hardwood-lumber production in Europe is expected to reach 12.79 million cubic metres. However, hardwood-lumber production in the individual countries in the UNECE sub-region of Europe in 2014 showed differing trends, at least according to figures available for the period up to November 2014. Production in Rumania had declined to 1.70 million cubic metres. For 2015, the production forecast for Rumania is comparable to the figure for 2014, at 1.70 million cubic metres of hardwood lumber. But in spite of that, Rumania remains the biggest European producer of hardwood lumber, with the exception of Turkey, not only for 2014 but also for 2015. In contrast to the situation in Rumania, production in France in 2014 will probably have increased to 1.40 million cubic metres. An increase is also expected in 2015, with further growth to 1.45 million cubic metres, said EUWID.