European Securities Raid of Euromoney’s RISI Offices Over Collusion with Paper Price Fixing

Madison’s finds it difficult to convey precisely the level of deep shock at the surprise raid of RISI‘s European offices by securities officials in January 2018. The details are very ugly, and shed light on some extremely serious credibility issues:

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“In a statement to the markets, Euromoney confirmed that the European Commission is conducting an unannounced inspection at the Brussels office of its RISI business.

The investigation concerns the sector of kraft paper and industrial paper sacks, which is subject to a Commission antitrust investigation.

The Commission previously inspected the offices of other companies involved in the industry due to concerns they had violated regulations with anticompetitive practices such as price fixing.”

“The Commission has concerns that the inspected company may have violated Articled 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which prohibits anticompetitive practices such as price fixing and customer allocation giving further details.”

EU: Euromoney’s RISI unit inspected in antitrust investigation