Madison’s WSPF Lumber Prices: sneak preview

Western Spruce KD 2x4 to 2x12 #2&Btr prices OCT 2019

The full North America softwood lumber price list will be updated as usual first thing tomorrow morning Eastern time, however here is a sneak peak at benchmark WSPF prices:

After waffling up and down $6 over the past two weeks, the price of standard 2x4s remain flat this week at US$376 mfbm; Utility/#3 loses another $12 from last week.

This week’s lumber market story published to the website Tuesday:

Softwood Lumber Prices Moderate Nicely, Truck Loggers Descend on Vancouver, BC

“Drama unfolded large in downtown Vancouver, BC, last week, where was being held the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual meeting. Mayors and political leaders from across the province were greeted by a convoy of 230 unloaded logging trucks arriving Friday morning to large crowds of surprised, and cheering, onlookers.
The issue of reduced timber supply is hitting especially rural areas hard, so log truck operators decided to make a statement directly in the faces of decision-makers.
At the same time, the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development released the “State of British Columbia Forests 2018”, which provides full data update for the harvest, manufacture, and export of BC wood fibre resource. — Madison’s Lumber Reporter

Western Spruce KD 2x4 #2&Btr prices SEPT 2019