Canada Sawmill Exports, Provincial Manufacturing Sales at Sawmills: OCT 2016

Canadian manufacturing sales in October dropped 0.8 per cent to C$48.7 billion after three-straight monthly increases, other sectors stepped in to make up for a decline in fossil fuels and the aerospace products and parts industries, said Statistics Canada last month.

Vehicle parts, computer and electronic products and wood products sales increased for the month.

Manufacturing sales by sawmills continued their sharp increases of previous months, up by 10.6 per cent, to C$8,652 million from C$7,755 million, for the top three lumber producing provinces combined — British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta — for January to October 2016 compared to the same time last year.

Provincial Manufacturing Sales at Sawmills: October 2016

SOURCE: Statistics Canada

Data released in December by Industry Canada shows softwood lumber exports to the world improved also by 14.2 per cent for the first ten months of 2016, to C$8,743 million from C$7,501 million, driven largely by a 20.7 per cent increase in lumber exports to USA, to C$6,515 million from C$5,168 million the previous year, and impaired by a 11.5 per cent decrease to China compared to 2015.

Canada Sawmill Exports: October 2016

SOURCE: Industry Canada

Canada Lumber Production by Sawmills: September 2016

Canadian lumber production by sawmills, meanwhile, rose 3 per cent from August to 5,917.6 thousand cubic metres in September, said Statistics Canada December 12. Production was 6.4 per cent higher than in September 2015.

Sawmills shipped 6,036.8 thousand cubic metres of lumber in September, up 5.4 per cent from August. Shipments were 7.6 per cent higher than in September 2015.