Madison’s Lumber Reporter KEY PRICES Week of 05/20/16

North American W-SPF 2×4 dimension softwood prices rise further this week, by +$8, on tight and fast-moving inventory; sawmill production high with order files one month out. E-SPF 2×4 also up, +$5 only. Southern Pine 2×4 East Side moderates downward, –$5 only.

US single-family housing starts April 2016 up +3.3%

W-SPF 2×4 studs prices up also +$5 only.

Oriented Strand Board central zone exactly flat +C$0 over last week. Canadian Softwood Plywood grinds up +C$5 as customers enter digestion phase, and producers work through manufacturing to get order files down to two weeks

North American solid wood demand spring 2016 sustained unexpectedly in this continued good building weather in major US markets.

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PRICES 05/20:

WSPF KD 2×4 #2&Btr US$326 mfbm, +$8;

WSPF KD PET 2×4 Studs $255, +$5;

Doug Fir green #2&Btr 2×4 $350, +$13;

OSB ON 7/16″ C$345 msf, +$0.

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