Madison’s Next Generation: Still 100% Canadian Owned

Hello to Madison’s valued subscribers and contacts alike:

Yesterday we emailed all users their own logins to the new Madison’s Lumber Price data tool via Forest2Market. Please watch your inboxes for this exciting announcement.
You will be able to start using the tool right away, and on Friday morning will see it updated with the latest price information.
We have enjoyed chatting with folks on the phone and by email to answer any questions. Please certainly keep in touch with us about anything you might want to know.
For now I am going to provide some information about my arrangement with Forest2Market (as a couple of people have expressed concern about Madison’s remaining Canadian):
Madison’s Next Generation: Still Proudly 100% Canadian
Madison’s is a Canadian-incorporated company based in Vancouver, BC, (KetaDesign Productions Inc), and Keta Kosman is the sole owner (just as Laurence Cater was and Peter Madison before him).
Madison’s / KetaDesign is protected internationally through Canadian trademark and through a global ISSN number.
All the lumber prices are proprietary data under Madison’s / KetaDesign.
Madison’s sources/process/contacts have not changed, just the method of delivery. Instead of emailing a .pdf (the same file we would send to the printer when we were still mailing through the post), now the “printer” is Forest2Market, via this new tool that Madison’s and Forest2Market developed together.
Madison’s entered into an exclusive license agreement, and revenue-sharing, with Forest2Market.
In terms of the prices, information gathering, our sources, the data, ownership …. with Madison’s there is no change. It is still 100% Canadian.
However, as the respective subscriptions and accounts of Madison’s and Forest2Market are combined, only one can do the invoicing. That is why the invoice notifications are coming from a Forest2Market address. In every way the two companies are working together, and communicating, to make the invoice and payment transition as smooth as possible for our customers.
Certainly please connect with me if there are any other questions. This week Friday users will be able to see the updated lumber prices uploaded into the tool. We hope everyone is as pleased with all this hard work as we are ourselves!
Keta Kosman
Madison’s Lumber Reporter, est. 1952
Vancouver, BC, Canada
604 319-2266